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Seventh European Conference of Analytic Philosophy

European Society for Analytic Philosophy

1-6 September 2011


ECAP-congresses are organized every three years by the European Society for Analytic Philosophy, ESAP. The aim of the congresses is to establish contacts and encourage collaboration among European analytic philosophers. The previous conferences took place in 1993 (ECAP1 in Aix en Provence), 1996 (ECAP2 in Leeds), 1999 (ECAP3 in Maribor), 2002 (ECAP4 in Lund) 2005 (ECAP5 in Lisboa) and 2007 (ECAP6 in Krakow).

The Seventh ECAP is  organized  by the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan, and by the University of Milan, in collaboration with the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy.

The official language of the Congress is English.

June 15th 2011

Paradoxes of Truth and Denotation

14-16 June 2011


For this edition of the BW we encourage submissions discussing the Liar Paradox and related paradoxes that affect truth, denotation, definability and other semantic concepts.

We invite submissions for 35-40-minute presentations (with 25-20 additional minutes for discussion). Submissions should take the form of either a 1200-1500 word abstract or a full paper with a 300 word abstract. Authors' names, postal address, affiliation, phone number and e-mail address should be given separately. Please send your submission by e-mail in an attached file in .pdf, .ps or.rtf format to . Submissions will be blind refereed by an international committee, and selected on the basis of general quality and relevance to the special topic of the workshop.

February 1, 2011

International Leibniz Congress: Nature and Subject

Leibniz-Universität zu Hannover

19-23 September 2011


Die Leibniz-Stiftungsprofessur der Universitaet Hannover und die Gottfried-Wilhelm-Leibniz-Gesellschaft veranstalten vom 21. bis 25. September 2011 in Hannover ein internationales Doktorandenkolleg zur Leibniz-Forschung.

14th Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science (LMPS)

Nancy Universite

JULY 19-26, 2011

NANCY, France

This congress is meant to reflect the current state of the art  in Logic and Philosophy of Science and also to draw upon and present new perspectives.

A novelty of the Nancy Congress is that it has adopted a topic of special focus. This presents the opportunity for casting a strong light on an issue of major importance today, namely: the integration of contemporary technologies in sciences and in society. Questions surrounding this issue are likely to interest the scientific community, as well as a variety of social actors and various partners involved in the congress.

Second Annual Conference on Male Studies: Looking Forward to Solutions

Foundation for Male Studies

06 April 2011

New York, United States

Focus will be on the deteriorating status of boys and men, and research and programs needed to reverse the downward spiral, now affecting virtually all aspects of the lives of boys and men. History, science, anthropology, media and culture.

International Conference on Language and Communication (LANCOMM 2011)

19 October 2011

Putrajaya Malaysia

This conference on language and communication will uphold the theme of EMBRACING CHALLENGES IN CURRENT TRENDS.

31 March 2011

Global Challenges for Education: Economics, Environment & Emergency


13 September 2011

Oxford United Kingdom

Conference offering the opportunity for a wide range of participants; policy makers, practitioners, ngos, researchers & civil society representatives from all areas of education and training to debate the conference themes.

18 March 2011

Information integration theory and functional measurement: Third international conference

08 August 2011

La Jolla California

This biennial conference provides a forum for presenting the latest research in the field of Information integration theory. Participants include experimental and applied psychologists with scientists from other disciplines welcome.

Political Theology Agenda Symposium 2011

12 July 2011

Geneva Switzerland

This international and interdisciplinary symposium invites theoretical and/or empirical papers on any and all aspects of political theology and related concepts.

12 July 2011

IARR Mini-Conference: Relationships development, maintenance, and dissolution

International Association of Relationship Research (IARR) and Faculty of Social Sciences University of Gdañsk

07 July 2011

Gdansk Poland

We invite speakers on social psychology, gender differences, family and developmental psychology. Example issues include: bonding in early stages of socialization, forming romantic relationships, factors favoring or hampering family systems

1 March 2011