“Experience and Explanation in Knowledge Society” International Conference

The North University of Baia Mare has the distinguished honour of inviting to take part in the international conference “Experience and Explanation in Knowledge Society”.

The Conference is to be held in Baia Mare city between the 14 and 17 February 2013.

The conference is organized in partnership with the Romanian Academy, Iasi Branch, as part of the POSDRU (...) project and aims to create an environment open to the idea exchanges, debates and dialogues.

Both experience and explication can generate gnoseological fundaments and assume multiple approaches from a variety of areas, starting with the academic space, namely, the Romanian and foreign researchers with a humanistic background.

The domains of interest are as follows: Epistemology and Philosophy of Science; Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Juridical Sciences; Anthropology and Cultural Studies; Psychology and Education Sciences; Theories and Economic Praxes.

Organizing team: director - Petru Dunca; scientific coordinator – Daniela Dunca; members: Vlad Andreica , Andrei Achim , Melinda Achim , Simion Belea , Claudiu Farcas , Mircea Farcas, Claudia Marian, Corina Pop Sitar.


CONTACT ADDRESS: Daniela Dunca - duncadaniela01@yahoo.com.